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5 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home to Increase Stamina

Are you looking for cardio exercises you can do at home? If yes, then here are a few cardio exercises that you do at home to increase stamina. Stamina is the ability of the body to endure physical efforts. Stamina increases with cardio exercises as it improves heart functions, lung capacity, energy, and efficiency. Cardio exercises also strengthen muscles and reduce fatigue and lethargy. These exercises should increase gradually and should be supported with pre workout supplements and whey protein supplements.

5 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home to Increase Stamina

    • Jumping Jacks

jumping jack exercise - cardio exercise you can do at home


What are jumping Jacks?

It is a full-body cardio exercise. It increases heart rate and involves various muscle groups at the same time.

How do jumping jacks?

If you want to do cardio exercise jumping jacks at home then stand with your feet and hands wide open, hands above your head. Jump and bring your legs close together and bring your hands close to the sides of your body. This should be repeated and again to complete the jumping jack cardio exercise.

How many times should you do jumping jacks in a day?

Jumping jacks are generally done for a time duration of 30 sec to 1 minute depending upon your fitness level. If you are a beginner start with 20 repetitions and gradually move to time duration. You can repeat the time duration of the jumping jack twice a day depending upon your exercise training program.

    • Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs exercise - cardio exercise you can do at home

What is climbing stairs?

It is an effective way of engaging your cardiovascular system and leg muscles. Climbing stairs means going up and down the stairs at different motions and speeds.

How do climbing stairs?

Find a fleet or a set of two-three stairs in or outside your home. Start by going up and down steadily at the same speed and motion. Intensify it by speeding up on a certain number of stairs and coming back to a regular pace on the other. Jog up and down if your level of fitness allows.

How many times should you do climbing stairs in a day?

Aim for 2-3 sessions of climbing stairs as per the intensity your body allows. Remember don’t go all on the first day itself. Give your body time to adjust and build stamina as you increase the intensity of climbing stairs workout.

    • Jump the Rope

jump the rope exercise - cardio exercise you can do at home

 What is jumping the rope?

Jumping the rope or popularly known as skipping is an effective way of increasing stamina and coordination. You will need a rope or skipping rope of your size length to do this cardio exercise to do at home.

How to jump the rope?

Get a jumping rope. Stand with your legs shoulder apart. Bring the rope from over the head near the feet. Jump and repeat the circle. You can jump with a single or double leg.

How many times should you jump the rope in a day?

You can decide a time duration like 3 sets of 2 minutes each or 2 sets of 5 minutes each. Jumping the rope can also be done based on repetitions like 2 sets of 50 repetitions or 3 sets of 20 repetitions with 10 seconds break.

    • High Knees

high knees exercise - cardio exercise you can do at home

What is a high knee?

High knees are great cardio exercises to do at home for increasing stamina. It improves cardiovascular health and strengthens the lower body. It also supports balance maintenance.

 How do high knees?

Stand with your legs- hip-width apart. Bring the first leg towards the chest as if in a jogging posture. Do this alternatively. This can have variations like standing and jogging. Start with standing on high knees and increase the difficulty level as your stamina and endurance increase.

How many times should you do high knees in a day?

You must start slowly and increase the intensity with time and practice. A general recommendation indicates that high knees should be done for 1-2 minutes in the beginning and can be increased to 6 minutes and then 10 minutes with intervals and breaks.

    • Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers exercise - cardio exercise you can do at home

What are Mountain Climbers?

It involves the whole body mainly targeting your core, arms, and legs. It increases stamina and increases cardiovascular strength.

How do mountain climbers?

Start with a high plank. Once you have balanced the high plank with your hands under the shoulder, pull the leg towards the chest. Do this with alternative legs. Ensure to engage the core and increase the pace with time.

How many times should you do mountain climbing in a day?

Ensure to do mountain climbers on alternative days. Try and keep at 2-3 sessions of 30 sec to 1 minute per day. Be careful while doing mountain climbing and do not give your body immediate stress. Increase the pace and session duration gradually.


Remember to maintain proper form while performing all the above cardio exercises. Also, ensure to increase the intensity gradually and make your body comfortable with exercises by warming up before starting cardio exercises to do at home for increasing stamina. You can also take Whey Protein supplements for fast recovery after high cardio sessions.

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